A word from our Director, Dr. Jennifer Kelly

Live music goes beyond notes and rhythms to communication and storytelling. The most meaningful communication often happens within the blurry lines, the surprising moments, the personalization of stories that happens only with live music. While a recording of perfection is about the sound, live music is about the collective experience of everyone in the room.

We believe in the power of music and song to wake up, turn on, and encourage us to feel something --- anything. And the audience participates in the live music experience as we invite you to listen, to embrace the songs we offer, and to welcome the spirit of community.

2nd Annual Beer Choir!

Join us once again for beer choir this summer! This unique fundraiser will help to build our community through music making. Share a pint, sing some songs. No choir experience required. A $5 donation at the door gets you your Beer Choir Hymnal to join in the revelry. Remember, friends don't let friends sing alone!

Singing and drinking will commence at 7pm on Wednesday August 21 at Lost Tavern Brewing in Hellertown.

Come sing with us!

Are you tired of just listening to us have fun, and want to join in yourself? Come audition!

Auditions are being scheduled now for August 2019.


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